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Assembly / Piping systems

As engineering specialists, Reschka GmbH carries out the assembly of industrial plants including the piping, and the assembly and building of steel constructions.


Our qualified workers are trained in all welding procedures.


Our qualified personnel provide an all-year-round service – 365 days a year.  We guarantee construction, manufacturing and assembly under one roof with an excellent team of specialists.

Conveyor systems / Protection frames




Another field of work is the automation conveyor systems – from construction through to the production-monitored handing over of the system to the customer.  We have everything ranging from baggage handling systems at major airports to handling systems in automation technology.


We construct, deliver and assemble all kinds of protection frames for every industrial sector.

Manufacturing and assembly of air condenser plants


We have the industrial videoscope system “OLYMPUS IPLEX SERIE”, complete with the corresponding special lenses.


The system can be used on site with trained personnel or can be rented from us.



Areas of work:


  • servicing in low-access areas
  • car industry
  • power plants
  • tanks, vessels and containers
  • flue pipes and piping
  • air-conditioning and chimneys
  • engines, transmission, turbines and casting


Klaus Reschka GmbH

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